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State and national conferences that might be of interest to people who work in Career and Technical Education.

We are a group of concerned educators, manufacturing companies, and community leaders working together to ensure a future pipeline of workers needed as the advanced-manufacturing industry continues to grow in North Carolina. We need to raise the awareness of advanced-manufacturing occupations especially for students who are in the process of choosing their future career.

To promote quality teaching and learning in North Carolina Community Colleges through a collaborative, statewide professional development system committed to sharing best practices, leveraging resources, and avoiding duplication.

This course is about Trauma Informed Practice

The Career Credit Leadership Institute, supported by the North Carolina Community College Adult Educators Association (NCCCAEA), is designed to be a forum for decision makers with the colleges' Career Credit programs to hear about highly relevant issues and topics in the coming year. Leaders in Workforce Continuing Education, College and Career Readiness, Small Business Centers and Contract Training among others have the opportunity to network with peers and connect with speakers for greater detail on important questions impacting their programs and institutions.

The Disability Academy was developed to provide new and veteran Disability Services staff information and resources pertaining to students with disabilities. The content of the modules was created by Disability Services staff working in the North Carolina Community Colleges.