2. Supplementing Versus Supplanting

In accordance with the Perkins Act of 2006, Section 311 (a), funds made available under the Act must supplement and not supplant non-federal funds expended to carry out CTE activities. In other words, federal Perkins funds may only be used in addition to funds already spent by the state and colleges on CTE, and cannot be used in place of non-Perkins funds.

  1. It will be presumed that supplanting has occurred where:
    • NCCCS or one of the colleges uses Perkins funds to provide services that NCCCS or one of the colleges is required to make available under another federal, state, or local law; or
    • NCCCS or one of the colleges uses Perkins funds to provide services that NCCCS or one of the colleges provided with non-Perkins funds in the prior year; or
    • NCCCS or one of the colleges provides services for non-CTE students with non-federal funds, and provides the same services to CTE students using Perkins funds.
  2. These presumptions are rebuttable if NCCCS or one of the colleges can demonstrate that it would have not been provided the services in question with non-Perkins funds had the Perkins funds not been available.
  3. If presumed supplanting occurred, due to a significant reduction in non-federal funds or a change in the state’s priorities, NCCCS and/or the college will develop and maintain contemporaneous written documents, such as meeting minutes and/or itemized budget documents for one year to the next, demonstrating that the decision to not fund an activity with state or local funds was made without regard to the availability of Perkins funds. If NCCCS or a college uses Perkins funds to support activities that otherwise would be funded with state or local funds, the activities funded must be allowable under Perkins.
  4. NCCCS provides technical assistance and training on supplanting as needed. If you are a college who has questions or concerns regarding supplanting or any other Perkins matters, please contact the Director for Career and Technical Education.