3. Specific Cost Guidance by Category

3.1. Advertising and public relations costs

Ref: 2 CFR Part 200, § 200.421. 

The term advertising costs means the costs of advertising media and corollary administrative costs. Advertising media include magazines, newspapers, radio and television, direct mail, exhibits, electronic or computer transmittals, and the like. The term public relations includes community relations and means those activities dedicated to maintaining the image of the governmental unit or maintaining or promoting understanding and favorable relations with the community or public at large or any segment of the public. The only allowable advertising costs are those which are solely required for the performance of the Perkins program are program outreach and other specific purposes necessary to meet the requirements of the Federal award. (Ref 2 CFR Part 200, para 200.421). 

The only allowable public relations costs required for the performance of the Perkins program are: 

  1. Costs specifically required by Perkins; 
  2. Costs of communicating with the public and press pertaining to specific activities or endeavors; or 
  3. Costs of conducting general liaison with news media and government public relations officers. 
Unallowable advertising and public relations costs include: 

  1. All advertising and public relations costs; 
  2. Costs of meetings, conventions, convocations, or other events related to other activities, including: 
    • Costs of displays, demonstrations, and exhibits; 
    • Costs of meeting rooms, hospitality suites, and other special facilities used in conjunction with shows and other special events; and 
  3. Salaries and wages of employees engaged in setting up and displaying exhibits, making demonstrations, and providing briefings; 
  4. Costs of promotional items and memorabilia, including models, gifts, and souvenirs; 
  5. Costs of advertising and public relations designed solely to promote the college or NCCCS.