Perkins Policies & Procedures

Accountability Requirements

  1. Colleges receiving funds from Perkins are required to submit an annual performance report on achieving CTE performance measures and standards for the immediately preceding reporting year. The reporting year is from the first day of the summer semester through the final day of the following spring semester. This information pertains only to credit programs resulting in an award(s) including: short certificates, long certificates, and/or associate degree programs.

  2. Data from individual colleges are compiled in a state performance report for SDE to submit to the U.S. Department of Education. Levels of performance of core indicators drive modifications to the colleges’ and the state’s plans for CTE. College representatives are to compare actual levels of performance with targeted levels of performance. Based on this comparison, areas in need of improvement are identified and changes are implemented as warranted. Changes that require modifications to the college plan are noted in the appropriate locations in the report and the college’s annual Perkins budget.

  3. State performance levels and local performance levels are the same for all performance indicators. NCCCS uses the Final Agreed Upon Performance Levels (FAUPL) from the US Department of Education’s Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) for calculating performance indicators.

  4. Colleges will submit their completed performance report by ????????? Specific instructions for submitting the report are contained in the report format provided to the colleges each year.

  5. If a college fails to comply with Federal statues, regulations, or the terms and conditions of a Federal award, NCCCS may impose additional conditions. In accordance with EDGAR 200.338, these conditions may be in the form of:

    1. (a)  Temporarily withholding cash payments pending correction of the deficiency by the


    2. (b)  Disallowing (denying) all or part of the cost of the activity or action not in compliance.

    3. (c)  Wholly or partly suspending or terminating the Federal award.

    4. (d)  Initiating suspension or debarment proceedings.

    5. (e)  Withholding further Federal award for the project or program.

    6. (f)  Otherremediesthatmaybelegallyavailable.