Perkins Policies & Procedures

Local Use of Funds

Permissible Expense FAQ

The grant college should consider the following questions to determine if an activity is eligible for Perkins funding: 

  1. Does the activity address a core indicator area that is deficient?
    Colleges not meeting at least 90% of the target for the core indicator must provide a performance improvement plan with their annual Perkins report and indicate specified funding in their annual Perkins budget to address any core indicator deficiencies. Colleges may use college funding sources in lieu of Perkins funds or combine Perkins funding with other college funding to address deficiencies, so long as the combination of funds do not violate federal, state, NCCCS funding rules. 

  2. Is the activity a new or does it improve or expand an existing program?
    In general, the institution must use federal funds to improve career and technical education programs. This means that eligible colleges must target the limited federal dollars for new or improved activities. NOTE: Colleges must use funds for program improvement and expansion, and not to maintain existing activities. Consumable supplies are considered unallowable under this definition. 

  3. Does this activity address “Required Uses” of Perkins funds (Perkins Act, Section 135)?
    The institution must address all required uses of funds with either Perkins or non-Perkins dollars. The college’s activities collectively must meet all the required usage categories. 

  4. Is the activity of sufficient size and scope as to effectively impact performance measures?
    Attention must be applied to ensure the program meets high wage, high skill, or high demand professions. Programs must further lead to awards and/or credentials necessary for entry and success in the targeted profession. Documentation must be provided to this effect. 

  5. How long has Perkins funded the activity?
    Perkins funds should only support an activity for three years. 

  6. Was the activity funded during the previous year by Perkins or the institution?
    Perkins funds may not be used to continue an activity funded by non-Perkins funds the previous year. That would be supplanting which is expressly prohibited by law. 

  7. Is the activity required by federal, state or local law?
    If so, this would be supplanting and would not be eligible for funding. 

  8. Is there data to support the identified need for the proposed activity and can the impact of Perkins funding be measured?
    How Perkins funds are used must be supported by data at the program level and the institution must have the capacity to measure improvement attained as a result of the use of Perkins funds. If an activity cannot be measured, it cannot be funded with Perkins funds.