Perkins Policies & Procedures

Fiscal Grant Management

Annual Budget Review and Approval Process

The following general actions are taken for annual Perkins budgets:

  1. Colleges will submit their annual Perkins budget to NCCCS, not later than June 30th of each year.

  2. NCCCS will conduct a review of Perkins budgets for compliance with these guidelines.

  3. Following the NCCCS review, NCCCS will obtain the necessary signatures and forward the budget proposals to SDE for final approval.

  4. Colleges will receive the approved budgets from SDE, and may begin making purchases.  

  5. SDE will provide NCCCS a copy of all approved budgets and notification letters.

Changes to Budgets

A budget amendment is required if the grantee desires to modify the approved budget where the adjustment to a cost category is greater than 10 percent of the total grant amount, or if funding is being shifted into a cost category that previously had no funding budgeted. Requests for budget amendments must be submitted to NCCCS, who must approve the amendment prior to forwarding to SDE for final approval before actual budget amendments are authorized. Early submission of an amendment to the annual plan is necessary to ensure that funds are spent early enough in the academic year to impact student performance and associated indicator results.

Include with the proposed budget amendment all applicable pages from the original budget documents that are affected by the changes, including a signed cover page.

  1. Relation to cost principles. The cost principle requirements of EDGAR 2 C.F.R. PART 200 apply.
  2. Budget changes — Colleges shall obtain the prior approval of NCCCS whenever any of the following changes is anticipated under Perkins grant award: (a.) any revision which would result in the need for additional funding. (b.) unless waived by the awarding agency, cumulative transfers among direct cost categories, or, if applicable, among separately budgeted programs, projects, functions, or activities which exceed or are expected to exceed ten percent of the current total approved budget, or funding in a subcategory is insufficient, and shall be accompanied by a narrative justification for the proposed revision.
  3. Construction projects. Construction projects using Perkins funding is typically unauthorized by sub-grantees. Renovation to an existing structure for the purpose of installing CTE training equipment may be permitted, however sub-grantees shall obtain prior written approval.
  4. Programmatic changes. Colleges must obtain the prior approval of NCCCS whenever there are any revision of the scope or objectives of the program.

NOTE: Final budget amendments for the current fiscal year must be submitted no later than July 31st. Any amendments past this date may not be approved.