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Planning Meetings via Webinar URL Find the planning meetings at this link listed as "Raising the Awareness of Career Pathways"

We have combined many of our Career Awareness events under the one new umbrella called Raising the Awareness of Career Pathways.

Event Calendar URL View the Calendar of Events

Schools and anyone wishing to attend an event should go here to see all of the events in North Carolina. Check back often, since events are still being added to the list. If you are close to the state border, on that same web page you can look at the events in other states as well.

NOTE: Be sure to check each event's specific requirements for registration, age limitations, clothing (shoes), etc.

URL Add an Event to the Calendar

Businesses, colleges, and anyone else who wishes to host an event during NC Advanced Manufacturing Careers Awareness Week should go here to register the event.

Promotional Materials URL MFG DAY Promotional Resources

All the information you need to promote your Advanced Manufacturing Careers event.

URL MFG DAY Resources
URL ApprenticeshipNC Contacts

They can help you promote apprenticeships and help you attract manufacturing businesses to your event.

URL NC Industrial Extension Service contacts

They can help you attract manufacturing businesses to your open house or other event.

Partners and Other Links URL NC Science Festival

If your career awareness event is in the spring, consider partnering with the NC Science Festival. They can help promote your event.

URL Manufacturing USA

Manufacturing USA is a nationwide network of 14 public-private institutes, each of which focuses on a specific field of manufacturing technology.

URL NC Manufacturing Career Information (LMI)
URL Manufactured in North Carolina

Manufactured in North Carolina is a website where all manufacturers in North Carolina are listed.

URL Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model

The Advanced Manufacturing Competency Model was developed through a collaborative effort involving the Employment and Training Administration (ETA) and leading industry organizations.

Participating Colleges Page Participating Community Colleges
URL Colleges endorsed by the Manufacturing Institute